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Divorealities is a studio utilising the latest technology to digitise the real world.

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We are pioneers in photogrammetry for commercials and digital content

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Using photogrammetry as a main non-destructive method of data capturing, we help to preserve cultural heritage for future generations. We are able to bring people unique experiences from visiting places which they otherwise may never get to visit.


3D scanning within this concept serves as an irreplaceable method of data gathering as it produces highly accurate 3D models. The data are obtained fast and provide real-life representation of captured area or object.


VR, AR and touch applications surpass the standard media content. They provide the kind of immersive and visual experience as no other media before.

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From the air and ground. We operate the following studios enabling us to virtualise across a range of industries:


Drones can be deployed rapidly, just about anywhere, their use eliminates the need of sending surveying crew into hazardous areas, like rooftops, ledges, roadways, unstable soil, and steep embankments. Even inaccessible features, such as cell phone towers and treetops, can be mapped easily through the use of drones.


Photogrammetry is a particularly unique fusion of mathematics, photography and computer graphics which lends itself well to the scientific model we are promulgating. With photogrammetry, Divorealities is able to make hyper-accurate 3D digital archives, creating an authentic snapshot in time as well as a baseline for future renovation, repair, and preservation.


Each project is unique and deciding what might be the most suitable solution for you could be often complicated. Therefore, our team of experts is here to advise you on the most optimal solution for your business and to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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